Our QHSE & Compliance policy

Our corporate vision focuses essentially on a sustainable development. Our integrated QHSE Management System’s interest is to satisfy all interested parties in our activities.

Therefore, SENTRAK LOGISTICS has drawn a strategy which focuses on:

  • Listening carefully to our customers and always being available for them allows us to continously improve our performances.
  • Compliance with national and international legal and regulatory requirements linked to all our activites
  • Developping the expertise of our human ressources
  • Preventing the risk of accidents, damage to health or damage to the environment.
  • A commitment to continuous improvement

To reach these objectives SENTRAK LOGISTICS is committed to achieve its policy by:

  • Prioritising commitment to the health, safety and environment of our management system
  • Raising staff's and subcontractor's awareness on applying the legislation and rules in effect
  • Continuously improving the efficiency of the quality management system, health, safety and the environment
  • Ongoing risk analysis for safety and the environment
  • Ongoing training of our teams
  • Developing our internal and external communication

We hereby invite all of our collaborators, suppliers and subcontractors to work for the implementation of our policy.